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Rexener Hot Tubs - Official Dealer for South & West Wales

The Rexener fiberglass hot tubs are handmade in Finland. Their workmanship exhibits uncompromising quality and unmatched comfort.

Our popular square Rexener hot tubs offer a range of possibilities. They are easy to embed in a terrace, feature good ergonomics, and are comfortable to sit in. You can fit up to eight people at once in our square pools.


Rexener hot tubs come with low operating costs

Whether you pick a hot tub with a wood stove or one with our advanced Rexener Bioheater heater, its operating costs will remain relatively low.

Its economical pool has a relatively low water volume of ca. 1,300–1,500 litres. If you wish, you can also draw the water from a lake or the sea.

Arctic luxury – inspired by Northern nature

Rexener hot tubs take their colours from the building materials of the idyllic Northern landscape – white snow and the black granite stone of the North, Gabro.


Rexener hot tubs have an outer cladding that is made of lichen grey Northern wild spruce. 


Easy upkeep – Fewer parts to maintain

To us, it’s important that our hot tubs last. We have therefore minimised the number of accessories and unnecessary parts, making our hot tubs easy to maintain.


If you wish, you can maintain your hot tub on your own. We also provide a maintenance service, if you wish us to maintain your hot tub for you.


The story of the REXENER hot tubs began with one man’s dream. A lot of thinking, planning, parts manufacture, trial, and error. The unique hot tubs got created with patience and the result is stunning. Handmade premium hot tubs with Finnish high-quality raw materials.


Initially, the hot tub entrepreneur just set out to earn a little extra income. However, he soon found himself working all night long as orders kept flowing in. By June 2020, he had already sold almost 1,400 hot tubs. An excellent product in high demand, the hot tubs are now backed up by a top international team.

Quality first

The premium, handmade fibreglass hot tub found its niche in a market saturated with mass-produced products. Its uncompromising quality and level of finish said it all. Every hot tub manufactured and sold brought new customers at an increasing rate.

TK Kylpytynnyrit changes name to Rexener Hot Tubs

Even with all the Finnish “sisu” in play, more than 300 hot tubs in one year began to take its toll on the one-man workshop. The time had come to take the next step towards conquering the world. With Rex Nordic, the one-man workshop developed into a Nordic team of more than 20 people, who are now building the story of the best hot tubs in the market for future generations.

Rexener Polar Hot Tub

Luxury hot tub with jet set

Handmade in Finland, Rexener Polar is a high-quality premium hot tub with a wooden frame and fibreglass pool. It takes considerably less time to heat than when heating with wood. A built-in filter and pool chemicals ensure the water stays clean for a long time. A jet system brings a touch of luxury. Optional pool colours: Gabro Black or Arctic White.

Rexener Aurora Hot Tub

A new era of hot tubs

Rexener Aurora heats up quickly and easily with our advanced Rexener Bioheater. Just press the button, and the pool will heat up in less than two hours! Use pool chemicals to keep the water clean for a long time. 

Rexener Silence Hot Tub

Enjoy the silence

High-quality fibreglass hot tub for 6–8 people, handmade in Finland. Energy-efficient TK-35 wood stove to heat the water. Ergonomically designed fibreglass pool that is easy to clean, hygienic, and durable. 

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