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The Covana Automated Hot Tub & Swimspa Covers



What if you could access your hot tub with the simple turn of a key without ever again having to struggle with opening a cover or removing snow, ice or other debris?


With Covana, you can equip your spa with one of the highest insulation covers on the market and then transform it into one of the most easily accessible … all within a mere 20 seconds and little effort!


Your Heaven of relaxation & privacy

A groundbreaking solution to optimise the use of your hot tub, this four-season gazebo operates with the simple turn of a key. As it securely closes and with its optional retractable shades, the COVANA oasis offers peace of mind and privacy for a luxurious experience.

Fully Automated

Less effort, more comfort. Fully automated, it elevates and lowers using a key to eliminate any handling effort.

The optional retractable shades give a pleasant feeling of intimacy and protect against the elements.