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Balancing Your Jacuzzi® Spa or Hot Tub pH Level & Total Alkalinity

Whether you already own a hot tub or are thinking of investing in one, it's important to understand how to balance the chemical levels in the water. Properly balancing these levels will keep the water clean, healthy, and safe for bathers to use.

In this guide, we'll explain why it's essential to balance your hot tub's total alkalinity and pH levels, and we'll provide tips on how to do so effectively.

What is total alkalinity and why is it important?

Total Alkalinity (TA) is a measurement of dissolved alkaline substances in the water. It helps control the pH level and acts as a buffer to prevent rapid pH fluctuations. Maintaining the correct TA level is crucial for keeping the water healthy and safe for bathers to use. A TA level between 80-120mg/l ppm is recommended for hot tubs. If the TA level is too high or too low, it can make balancing the pH levels difficult, leading to potential problems such as corrosion, staining, or cloudy water.

What causes high or low alkalinity in a hot tub?

Adding too many chemicals, bacteria, bodily oils, or using hard water can cause high alkalinity levels in a hot tub. On the other hand, rainwater can decrease alkalinity levels and result in an acidic pH. To avoid these issues, we recommend using a hot tub cover and testing the water regularly.

What are pH levels and why are they important?

pH levels measure acidity and alkalinity in water on a scale from 0 to 14. A measurement of 7 is considered neutral or balanced. Maintaining a pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 in your hot tub is essential for a comfortable environment for bathers and to avoid issues like itchiness, eye burn, and damage to hot tub parts. High or low pH levels can also cause scale build-up, foam, and cloudy water.

How do you test total alkalinity and pH levels in your hot tub?

We recommend using dip test strips to test the pH level, total alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. These strips are easy to use and provide quick and accurate readings, so you can make the necessary chemical adjustments if required.

How do you increase or decrease alkalinity and pH levels in your hot tub?

If you have a low TA level, we recommend adding an alkalinity increaser to bring it back up. If you have a low pH level, a pH increaser can help to reinstate the proper pH level. If you have high pH or TA levels, a pH decreaser can bring both levels back down. Always remember to retest the water after making adjustments to ensure that the levels are balanced correctly.

In conclusion, balancing total alkalinity and pH levels is essential to keep your hot tub in good condition and to keep the water clean and safe for bathers to use. By following the tips in this Powerpools guide and regularly testing the water, you can ensure that your hot tub stays in top shape for years to come.

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