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Unlocking the Secrets of Your Hot Tub Water with Test Strips


Hot tubs offer a relaxing oasis in which to unwind and de-stress, but to keep the experience enjoyable and safe, regular maintenance is crucial! One of the essential tools for hot tub owners is the trusty test strip. These simple yet effective strips can help you maintain the ideal water balance, ensuring a clean and hygienic hot tub experience. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of test strips, their proper usage, and how they can be your ultimate ally in hot tub maintenance.

Understanding Test Strips:

Test strips are small, thin pieces of paper or plastic with reactive pads on one end. These pads contain chemicals that change colour when exposed to specific elements in the water, such as chlorine, pH levels, alkalinity, and hardness. By comparing the colour changes to a colour chart provided on the strip's packaging, you can quickly assess the water's chemical levels.

The Correct Technique:

To obtain accurate results, it's crucial to use test strips correctly. Improper handling or exposure to moisture can lead to faulty readings. Follow these steps for accurate testing:

1. Open the Tub Carefully: Start by opening the test strip tub carefully. Avoid touching the reactive pads to prevent contamination, which could impact the test results.

2. Shake Out One Strip: Gently shake one test strip out of the packaging into your dry hand. It's essential to keep the remaining strips inside the package, sealed tightly to protect them from moisture and external influences.

3. Dip and Wait: Immerse the test strip into the hot tub water at arm's length. Make sure to submerge the entire reactive pad and allow it to soak for the duration specified in the instructions, normally a second or two is perfect!

4. Remove and Compare: After the specified time, remove the strip from the water and hold it horizontally to allow excess water to drain off. Then, compare the colours on the reactive pads to the colour chart provided with the test strip packaging. DO NOT SHAKE THE TEST STRIP.

5. Interpretation of Results: The colour chart will show different colour blocks corresponding to various chemical levels. Match the colours on your test strip to the colour blocks on the chart to determine the status of your hot tub water.

Interpreting the Results:

The colour changes on the test strip will indicate whether the elements in your hot tub water are within the desired range or if they require adjustment. Here's a brief overview of what each element's colour signifies:

1. Chlorine/Bromine: This measures the sanitiser level in the water. An ideal reading falls within the recommended range to ensure water remains bacteria-free.

2. pH Levels: The pH level indicates the water's acidity or alkalinity. Proper pH balance is crucial for swimmer comfort and to protect the hot tub from corrosion or scale build-up.

3. Alkalinity: Alkalinity acts as a buffer, helping stabilise the pH level. Proper alkalinity prevents rapid pH fluctuations and ensures water balance.

4. Hardness: Water hardness refers to the mineral content. Balanced hardness helps prevent water from becoming too corrosive or scale-forming.

Regular Testing for Optimal Maintenance:

To maintain a clean and inviting hot tub, regular testing is essential. The frequency of testing depends on how frequently you use the hot tub and other external factors like weather conditions or heavy bather load. A good rule of thumb is to test the water at least once a week. However, during periods of heavy usage or adverse conditions, more frequent testing may be necessary.


Test strips are an invaluable tool for hot tub owners to keep their water clean, safe, and inviting. By following the correct technique and comparing the colour changes to the colour chart, you can easily assess your hot tub water's chemical levels. Regular testing and proper maintenance will ensure that your hot tub remains a source of relaxation and enjoyment for years to come. So, dip those test strips, observe the colours, and take the necessary steps to maintain your hot tub's water balance. Happy hot tubbing! Test strips for Chlorine, Bromine and Oxygen are available to buy on our website, or in-store at our Pensarn showroom!

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