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Silence Electric Bikes

Has motoring just got too expensive? At Powercut (and Powerpools) we may have found a solution. Why not reduce your commuting costs during the week with an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, cheap-to-run, silent scooter? 


· 100% electric
· Zero CO2 emissions

· LED lights

· Max speed of up to 62mph
· 0-30 miles in 3.9 seconds

· Large load capacity


· Choice of four models
· Two battery capacities

· Up to 91 miles of range


· Less than 1p per mile to run
· Zero vehicle tax
·Approx 80% reduction in running costs vs. petrol
· 30% savings in maintenance costs


· Great stability and maneuverability
· Stress free – No vibrations
· Reverse gear
· Removable trolley-style battery
· Powerful error-monitoring system

Silence Electric Bikes

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All the information regarding the Silence range of electric bikes